How you Assess Candidates is How They Assess you


In today’s hyper-connected, digital-driven business world, user interface(UI) design and customer experience have emerged as major drivers of success. It’s how Apple became a global juggernaut. But examples abound where winning has come from providing a differentiated, quality experience. Today, many if not most large companies employ online assessments as part of their hiring process. … Read more

Cutting the Cord: Video Screening to Replace Phone Interviews

 Don’t you hate phone interviews? They can be very inconsistent, hard to capture in your Applicant Tracking System, and virtually impossible to share…but worst of all, they’re a nightmare to schedule! Both parties get frustrated playing phone tag and enduring “voicemail hell”, wasting precious time and money trying to get in contact. This time could … Read more

Immersify: The Most Engaging Way to Measure Reasoning Ability & Learning Agility

Today I spoke with Richard Thwaite, Talegent’s Quality and Support Manager, about Talegent’s newest assessment, Immersify. Good afternoon Richard, can you tell me a bit about Immersify and how it works? “Immersify is our new gamified assessment. It is a tool to assess someone’s learning ability and learning agility by using functions or formulas to … Read more