Immersify: The Most Engaging Way to Measure Reasoning Ability & Learning Agility

Today I spoke with Richard Thwaite, Talegent’s Quality and Support Manager, about Talegent’s newest assessment, Immersify. Good afternoon Richard, can you tell me a bit about Immersify and how it works? “Immersify is our new gamified assessment. It is a tool to assess someone’s learning ability and learning agility by using functions or formulas to … Read more

Assessment is No Game…Or is it?

Long-awaited by the HR community, gamified assessments have finally arrived! Analysing the results of the administration of a gamified assessment by a leading Australian professional services firm to over 12K graduates indicates that this new form of assessment provides a more positive and engaging experience than traditional assessments. At the same time, response data shows … Read more

Disruptive Trends in HR Technology and People Analytics: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Research has shown that 87% of business leaders are highly concerned about customer retention and engagement. Companies desperately need to figure out what makes people join, what makes people stay, and what will lead their business to success. These are all questions that can be answered by using People Analytics. 1. People Analytics are about to … Read more

Positive Leadership Traits: They are not what they may seem

Imagine Frank, a top manager at a big-time company. Frank is confident in his abilities, his charismatic air encouraging his colleagues to believe in him. He is very determined and goal-orientated, always striving for improvement. Frank is also a risk-taker who enjoys seizing every opportunity which comes his way. Frank sounds like a great leader…right? … Read more

Looking Back: The Five Most Important Recruitment Trends From 2015 (and What They Mean for you in 2016)

Looking back on 2015, its amazing what we’ve achieved in recruitment. LinkedIn has just released their Global Recruiting Trends 2015 data, it’s an amazingly thorough (and more importantly data-based) summation of how the world of recruiting has changed and where it might be headed. So here’s what’s happened in the world of hiring in 2015, … Read more