Looking Back: The Five Most Important Recruitment Trends From 2015 (and What They Mean for you in 2016)

Looking back on 2015, its amazing what we’ve achieved in recruitment. LinkedIn has just released their Global Recruiting Trends 2015 data, it’s an amazingly thorough (and more importantly data-based) summation of how the world of recruiting has changed and where it might be headed. So here’s what’s happened in the world of hiring in 2015, … Read more

How Would Santa Claus Perform in a Talent Measurement Test?

Santa Claus is a beloved figure the world over, so for the holiday season the team at Talegent thought we’d answer the question that everyone has been asking – what would Santa’s results show on a psychometric test? According to our resident Psychometrician (with a little help from the statistics from the Department of Justice), … Read more

What We Can Learn From Google About Togetherness This Christmas

It’s the end of the year once again, and the holidays have always been a time for dysfunctional family get-togethers. But with any luck this dysfunction doesn’t carry through to your teams within the workplace. Google is well-known as one of the best workplaces in the world (and arguably most Christmassy, check out their Santa tracker), … Read more

Why the Naysayers are Wrong About Computerised Adaptive Testing

Computerised Adaptive Testing (CAT), is the latest technology innovation for improving talent assessment. Unlike traditional testing, CAT adapts the test to the test-takers. Traditional tests need to have questions with a range of difficulty so that they can fairly test candidates of all abilities. Unfortunately, this means that candidates in the high or low ranges … Read more

Do Your Managers Have the Four Competencies Critical to Leadership Success?

Have you ever hired a manager who wowed you in the interview with stunning past achievements, described the exact skills you were looking for, and generally made it sound as though they would be the greatest leader since Winston Churchill? But then soon after they start, the complaints start rolling in. And that manager who … Read more