Video Screening is the New Normal


Video Interviewing is beginning to render phone interviewing obsolete. Although phone interviewing has long been helping recruiters cut the costs and time needed for in person interviewing, now video has trumped audio as the number one screening tool. While it is true you can get a sense of how well candidates speak and their professionalism … Read more

Talegent Announces a Major Data Boost


There are some scientists that say that all reality can be expressed mathematically. OK, that might be a little heavy, but we at Talegent are certainly big on data. That should come as no surprise given that we are psychometricians and providing quantitative measures of human abilities and personality is at the core of what … Read more

Welcome to my humble online psychometric testing for pre-employment screening and employee development blog

Testing testing 123… Welcome to my foray into the blogosphere, where I will be musing and opining on all things related to psychometric assessment for pre-employment screening and employee development. I myself am a serial entrepreneur in this space and now that my non-compete from my last company sale has expired, I have launched Talegent. … Read more