Rebuttal for Personality Tests Haters

“the correlation between well-established personality tests and occupational outcomes is around .40; that’s significantly higher than typical job interviews & substantially higher than the correlation between Ibuprufen consumption and pain reduction (.14)” – Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic As Technology continues to meet Psychology and we work to leverage that data in the cloud to predict employee performance, … Read more

Three Key Talent Assessment Trends

“As time goes on, advances in science and technology will allow talent assessments to become increasingly more effective, and the more effective talent assessments become, the less anyone will notice them.” – Charles Handler Technology is truly meeting Psychology.  A large number of companies are offering fresh and engaging products that are redefining the assessment … Read more

Hiring the Very Able Disabled

In the normal course of keeping my finger on the pulse of all things recruiting, I came across a new booklet from the states (published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) in which leading US companies shared their best practices for hiring people with disabilities. That booklet also references a “Disability Toolkit” from Cornell University … Read more