The Times they are A-Changin’: Five Critical Features Needed in Today’s Contact Centres

As with many industries, the last few years have brought about many grand changes in the ways in which contact centres perform their business. We’ve spent the last several years talking to and getting feedback from managers and executives at some of the world’s leading contact centres, and have developed a list of the five … Read more

The Three Most Exciting New Features of Talegent’s Contact Centre Solution

Over the past couple of years Talegent’s contact centre software has been an incredible accomplishment, and we have seen some incredible success stories coming out of the industry. But success isn’t built through inaction, and so we’ll soon be releasing Version Two of our Contact Centre solution. For Version Two, we’ve integrated all of the … Read more

Google’s secret weapon for world domination: Data-based hiring

“All people decisions at Google are based on data and analytics.” – Kathryn Dekas   I have long advocated the use of hard scientific data in hiring as one of the most effective means to drive organisational success. It was a bit of an uphill battle at first. While all CEO’s recognised that the key to … Read more