A Fresh Candidate Experience is the Number One Priority


You never really understand a candidate until you consider things from their point of view, not until you climb into their skin and walk around in it. Nowadays with review sites like Glassdoor, it’s not just about the candidate selling themselves to you, but also you often must sell your vacancy to attract the best … Read more

Out with the Old and in with the New with Product Manager Richard


I was lucky enough to have a chat with Talegent’s Product Manager, Richard Thwaite to see what gifts he had to bring to us this time. Here’s what he had to say:  John: I heard you’ve just come back from HR Tech conference in Las Vegas. Any chance we can find out about anything that … Read more

Ipsative or Normative? Get the Best of Both Worlds!

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The old debate of which personality questionnaire to assess candidates with: Ipsative or Normative, is a fallacy! They key is to incorporate both as part of your selection assessments, while focusing on the validity and accuracy of norm groups instead. An ipsative questionnaire forces the candidate to make a choice, thus providing a sharper profile … Read more

4 Tips to Craft the Perfect Set of Video Interview Questions


Video Interviewing is fast becoming the new normal for post-assessment screening, but are you really taking advantage of its full potential? At Talegent, we’ve enhanced our video interview interface to become more user friendly and responsive than ever before! If you haven’t used video interviewing before, don’t be nervous about the change to modernize your … Read more

Bridging the Skills Gap Created by Job Automation


Switching careers in our automated paradigm can still be a smooth process. The key is to chart jobs that are similar to yours. It can be nearly impossible to find a new job for physical labourers whose jobs have disappeared due to automation or global outsourcing, especially if they lack higher education. Sadly, many such … Read more

5 Steps to Prepare for HR Tech Disruption


The HR Technology industry is booming with investment capital, and this injection has really accelerated start-up innovation. Whether we like it or not, disruptions stemming from AI, gamification and machine learning are taking the recruitment scene by storm. Here are five considerations to help HR professionals prepare for this trend: Don’t assume your current HCM … Read more

The Best Kept Secret of Predictive Analytics

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We’ve all heard of IQ and EQ, but in our borderless era, your job performance may depend on your “CQ”. Globalisation facilitates an increasing trend of inter-cultural commerce, so language barriers aside, predicting candidates who excel in cultural awareness and adaptability can often be overlooked in recruitment screening. Although English falls short of Mandarin and … Read more

Video Screening is the New Normal


Video Interviewing is beginning to render phone interviewing obsolete. Although phone interviewing has long been helping recruiters cut the costs and time needed for in person interviewing, now video has trumped audio as the number one screening tool. While it is true you can get a sense of how well candidates speak and their professionalism … Read more