Talegent Announces a Major Data Boost


There are some scientists that say that all reality can be expressed mathematically. OK, that might be a little heavy, but we at Talegent are certainly big on data. That should come as no surprise given that we are psychometricians and providing quantitative measures of human abilities and personality is at the core of what … Read more

From “Agile” Software Development to Agile People Development

Work Space Meeting

If your company hires software developers, then you already know that “agile development” has become the de facto standard. Stated incredibly simply, agile development relies on short typically 2-week production cycles called “sprints” performed by teams, interspersed by “restrospectives” which allow for regular reflection, continuous learning and immediate course correction. Rather than getting bogged down … Read more

Research Proves Women Are Better Than Men!

women office working

OK, women aren’t better than men in general – necessarily. But, if the ability to engage employees is at the top of your list of mandatories for management hires, you should probably hire a woman. At least that’s the conclusion offered by Gallup’s recent report The State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for … Read more

How you Assess Candidates is How They Assess you


In today’s hyper-connected, digital-driven business world, user interface(UI) design and customer experience have emerged as major drivers of success. It’s how Apple became a global juggernaut. But examples abound where winning has come from providing a differentiated, quality experience. Today, many if not most large companies employ online assessments as part of their hiring process. … Read more

Cutting the Cord: Video Screening to Replace Phone Interviews

 Don’t you hate phone interviews? They can be very inconsistent, hard to capture in your Applicant Tracking System, and virtually impossible to share…but worst of all, they’re a nightmare to schedule! Both parties get frustrated playing phone tag and enduring “voicemail hell”, wasting precious time and money trying to get in contact. This time could … Read more